The Kennedy Dancers Teen Company

Our Teen Pre-Professionals performing at QueensTheater on the site of the 1965 Worlds Fair

Teen Intensive is for ages 12-17. This is a FREE program for all teens. This intensive runs from JULY 11th to JULY 22nd, MONDAY-FRIDAY. The day begins at 9AM with breakfast (provided by The Jersey City Summer Meals Program), then dancers move into various dance classes. We are offering a wide array of dance styles to enrich your teen’s body and mind. During the day, the dancers will learn choreography for our intensive’s recital to take place at the end of the program. The day ends with lunch (provided by The Jersey City Summer Meals Program) and their dismissal will be at 1:30PM.

Do you think High School Dance programs are the way?


Are they really the route to a career in dance?

High school programs are often limited in their curriculum, leaving out key elements of standard dance styles and technique, which focus solely on contemporary and modern dance styles, which are often influenced heavily by the individual teachers own style and training. They often leave out Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Ballroom, Multicultural Styles, and more. The programs often keep the students on a one track routine that does not encourage dancers to explore performing and studying elsewhere with the hopes of a college scholarship based on what they have learned in high school dance training.

There are other options out there and high school dance programs are not the only answer to getting into a college program or becoming a professional dancer.

What is a pre-professional dancer?

A pre-professional dancer has already been training in some form of dance for several years, and has completed beginner through advanced levels at their current dance studio or school. They may have performance experience through their current school or dance company, or they may be experienced competition dancers who have success individually or as part of a team.

High School Dance Training does not guarantee auditions, performances, or acceptance into a college dance program. Pre-Professional training programs can also provide additional academic support, assisting in the college application process, and obtaining real world experience through auditions, performances, and collaborating. Pre-Professional Training programs bridge the gap between student and professional life through networking, performance opportunities and more.

The Kennedy Dancers, Inc. provides the Inner City Youth Pre-Professional Training Program for students ages 12-17.

Commitment to the Inner City Youth Pre-Professional Training Program requires Monday and Tuesday classes a Wednesday rehearsal day. All classes start at 4:15PM.

All interested dancers are welcome to apply now!

If you are interested, please contact Artistic Director Diane Dragone at 201-659-2190 for an audition and evaluation.

Diane Dragone
Artistic & Executive Director
The Kennedy Dancers, Inc.
A Non-Profit Organization
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