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Frequently Asked Questions About Policy & Classes

What is the Registration Fee?

Registration fee is $65. The Registration Fee includes:
Free Leotard and Tights (Value of over $30)
Tuition is paid on a monthly basis and must be paid by the 5th of the month. Otherwise, there will be a $10.00 late fee applied—NO EXCEPTIONS!

Pricing:Children 2.5 years to 17 ?

1 Class per week—Monthly Tuition—$80.00
2 Classes per week—Monthly Tuition—$140.00
3 Classes per week—Monthly Tuition—$160.00
4 Classes or more per week—Monthly Tuition—$180.00**
**For four or more classes, you may select as many classes that are suitable for the
student’s age and ability. This is the most economical way to pay for dance classes.

Pricing:Adults 18 to 59?

Adult Registration—$40.00 per year, no matter when they register.
Adult Classes—$75.00 per month for any number of classes; however, the classes must be appropriate for their age and ability. Adults may not take classes for children. The $75 tuition for adults is a tremendously low price, especially if you are taking more than one class weekly. GREAT OFFER!!!


Studio Closings & Holidays

The studio will be closed on the following holidays:
New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.
Some months have five weeks, instead of four. We do not charge extra for those months, when there is an extra week. Therefore, for students taking weekly classes, will receive a FREE week of classes.


Seniors & Adults with Disabilities
All seniors (age 60+) who live in Hudson County may attend for FREE*!
All adults (age 18+) with documented disabilities may attend for FREE*!
*Proof of residency and medical condition


Need based Scholarships are available for
children ages 7 to 17. Please contact Miss Diane Dragone-Executive Director

Sweet Deals & Incentives!!!

Tuition for the months of May and June must be paid together—NO EXCEPTIONS!
Great Deal!!! Pay Tuition two months at a time and receive $10 off payment.
Pay for five months in advance ( September –January or February to June) of classes in advance (either September 2019 to January 2020, or February to June 2020) and receive 5% off! GREAT SAVINGS!!!Enroll two or more children (must be actual siblings: brothers / sisters ) and receive $5.00 off the total monthly fee. Pay registration for one child only!

Uniform Policy

Appropriate Uniform and Shoes must be worn at ALL times. For each class and age group. Please do not purchase uniform/shoes from another source. We are a non-profit. Purchases are tax deductible. All monies raised from uniform sales help defray the cost of our Inner City Youth Program.

Pink Leotard: Ages 3 to 6
Purple Leotard: Ages 7 to 10
Black Leotard: Ages 11 and Up
Belly Dance: Coin Skirt
Ballet: Ballet Shoes
Tap: Tap Shoes
Hip-Hop: Tan Jazz Shoes
Jazz: Tan Jazz Shoes
Belly Dance, Modern, Lyrical,
Contemporary: Foot Undies

Adult Classes
NO JEANS! Appropriate Clothing Required. Clothing must be form fitting.




(Ages 3 to 17)
1 Class only—$25.00
You may try any class that is suitable for the student’s age and ability on a one-time basis for $25.00. If you like the class, you may enroll for regular classes at the rates indicated under pricing. The $25.00 trial class fee will be deducted from the registration charge, but you are required to pay for the rest of the classes for the month. If you do not register after your trial class, the fee is NOT REFUNDABLE.—NO EXCEPTIONS!
NOTE: For Trial and Drop-In classes, outside shoes may not be worn in the class! You may wear clean socks or appropriate white soled dance shoes. If you register for a class you must purchase dance shoes appropriate for that class.this text in the module Advanced settings.

Refunds & Make-Up Classes

There are NO Refunds on classes, registration, tuition, dancewear or shoes.

If you miss a class, you may make it up in another similar class within the month. If you quit the program, you can not make up missed classes. You can not deduct money from your tuition for missed classes. If the studio is closed for a holiday or inclement weather, you may make up the class that falls on that date. However, you cannot deduct any holidays or bad weather days from your tuition!

Private Dance Lessons

Private Lessons are available for all Genres/Styles.
**Must be paid 4 classes at a time**
If you would like a solo for your child’s recital, that can be arranged.
*Choreography can be arranged for any special event.

Our Certified Therapy Cats...

Therapy animals are appearing all over the country in recreational programs, hospitals, nursing homes and even prisons. They provide comfort and a soothing atmosphere. They also give assistance to students with social disabilities by promoting empathy.