is an award winning television series that provides a Vista into the creation and motivation of choreography and movement.

The show is seen in more than 20 states and features the host, Diane Dragone, as a guide into the ideas, expressions and motivations of Dance Movement.
Diane is the Artistic Director of The Kennedy Dancers as well as an established and internationally renowned choreographer. Dance Vista attempts to spotlight the artists behind and within the movements. Choreographic Works of various Choreographers are featured.
Past Guests on Dance Vista include: Judith Jamison (former Dancer and Artistic Director for Alvin Ailey, Eliot Feld and “Ballet Tech”, Rita Moreno, Nai Ni Chen, Sean Curran, Randy James, Kevin Wynn, Maher Benham, Kitty Lund, Henning Rubsan,
The Kennedy Dancers Professional and junior companies are also featured as they demonstrate diversity in disciplines of choreography and individual dance elements. .