Jersey City board of Education Casper Partnership:

Kennedy Dancers has partnered with the JCBOE Casper Program to offer introductory dance classes for children ages 3-6 and 7–10. Classes include Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Latin Medley.

This exciting development has Kennedy Dancers’ instructors working within multiple public schools across Jersey City, imparting their passion for dance and nurturing the next generation of dancers.

The dedicated instructors joining the CASPER Program from Kennedy Dancers include Diana Sanchez, who professionally studied, performed, and taught ballet, hip-hop, jazz, Latin ballroom, etc. all over New Jersey for 10+ years. Alexi Zadanosky, who has been teaching and performing for 5 years, attended the American Musical Dramatic Academy for the performing arts, obtaining an AOS in Musical Theatre. Eric Stucky, who specialized in teaching arts and minored in arts management, He trained in Israel at Dance Jerusalem, performing works by Noa Zuk and Roni Chadash. Sarah Toumani, who has danced for various renowned dance companies, television channels, and artists, including the Michael Jackson Estate and Grammy-Award artist Miri Ben Ari, these teachers are dancers and choreographers with the Kennedy Dancers Repertory Company as well.

These esteemed educators bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the program, holding certifications as dance teachers in various dance styles. Our instructors specialize in a diverse range of dance styles, ensuring a rich and comprehensive dance education for students. The dance styles offered include creative dance, contemporary, hip-hop/jazz, Latin dance, and more.

Importantly, each dance style offered by Kennedy Dancers follows a core curriculum that aligns with the educational standards of Jersey City and the New Jersey Board of Education core standards in dance. This ensures that students not only receive a well-rounded dance education but also contribute to their overall academic growth. This ensures that students not only receive a well-rounded dance education but also contribute to their overall academic growth.

Libraries partnerships:

Kennedy Dancers has partnered with (3) Libraries to offer free dance classes for low- to moderate-income students. “Exploring Latin Culture through Dance,” is designed to introduce children between the ages of 7 and 17 to the vibrant culture and rhythmic beats of Latin dance. The program will cover the history of Merengue, Bachata, and Salsa, providing an overview of their origins, cultural significance, and evolution. Our expert instructors, Llarsania Galloza & David Navrro taught children the basic techniques and movements. There was demonstration dance performance at the end of each class session, allowing parents, friends, and family to witness the progress of our young dancers.

Kennedy Dancers taught in:

  • Clifton Public Library | 292 Piaget Ave. Clifton, NJ 07011 |Passaic County|
  • Kearny Public Library| 318 Kearny Ave Kearny, NJ 07032| Hudson County
  • Montclair Public Library| 50 South Fullerton Avenue Montclair, NJ 07042| Essex County|

Partnership with Ballet Inc

During the summer of 2023, The Kennedy Dancers Repertory Company hosted a series of free events every Thursday, specifically on July 6, 13, 20, and 27, beginning at 6:00 p.m. These events took place at the J. Owen Grundy Performance Pier, located at Exchange Place in Jersey City, NJ. The showcase featured the remarkable performances of ten Kennedy Dancer professionals.

As part of The Kennedy Dancers’ summer event series, KD collaborated with Ballet Inc., engaging three dancers from Ballet Inc. to contribute to the professional performances. Aaron Atkins, the artistic director and choreographer based in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and his dancers performed the choreography “Els Sentiments” at the J. Owen Grundy Pier performances.

Ballet Inc. acquired Diane Dragone’s choreography, “Meadowlands Serenade,” where they will perform Meadowlands Serenade as part of their repertory during Ballet Inc.’s 2023-2024 season in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida.

This collaboration added a unique and creative dimension to our summer events, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside Ballet Inc. to deliver outstanding performances to our audience.


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