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Through the use of The Kennedy Dancers’ and CDBG in-take forms, along with regular 3 month surveys, financial, physical, and emotional needs are evaluated. One hundred percent (100 %) of the Seniors who attend the Senior Dance / Fitness Program are low or low/moderate income persons.

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Research, survey and intake forms have confirmed that most mature Americans who live in Jersey City exist on a very low, fixed income. This limitation has a direct effect on their participation in paid exercise programs. Although, there are Senior Citizen centers in the area, those programs are often restricted to residents and paying clients. The Kennedy Dancers, Inc. is the only studio in Hudson County that provides age appropriate dance and exercise programs with professionally trained instructors to mature adults free of charge.

This is a unique opportunity for Seniors who are living on fixed incomes to improve their overall health and increase their social time with others. As per the accordance of the Five-Year Consolidated Plan, The Kennedy Dancers, Inc. strongly support priority number three, Senior Citizen Social and Health needs by providing the Senior Dance / Fitness Program. The program combats the ill effects of isolation by providing an entertaining, social, and recreational atmosphere of support and interaction.

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The classes provide the Seniors with stimulation and physical activity outside of their daily routine. The classes result in improved muscles tone, posture, flexibility, joint mobility oxygenation, concentration, and range of all movement, which is proven to be a direct link to improving health and emotional well-being. Lastly, learning dance patterns are more effective than doing crossword puzzles in stimulating brain cells, improving memory, and enhancing reasoning. The classes provide relief from common ailments, reduces pair from arthritis, combats obesity, and aids in lowering cholesterol.

The Kennedy Dancers, Inc. provide structured dance and fitness classes to people in the age range of 5 to 60 and over that help provide skills and development in the arts and include programmatic components that are deliberate in helping youth to seniors to develop mental health protective factors such as self-confidence, resiliency and other social and emotional skills and provide opportunities to increase positive in-­person social interaction and relationships and build community connections.