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Tuesday, 03 February 2015 10:09



The Kennedy Dancers (a professional contemporary Dance Company for 38 years)

presents a “DocuDance” Film about real life events in Jersey City in 1942.

Set in a secret prisoner of war camp

(Caven Point) in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty,

“Caven Point” artistically weaves the stories of

young Italian American girls who visit the Italian prisoners

in order to assist them

to write letters back home supporting

the resistance to the Germans.

Diane Dragone’s mother’s story is blended into

documentary story-telling along with

Dragone’s original choreography

(performed by the Kennedy Dancers)

and is set to a score of original music composed

by Antonio Louis Scarmolin.

This blend of narrative mixed with choreography

and music is directed by Tom Horan and

becomes an effective blend of storytelling through the Arts.

”Caven Point” also features actual participants

who went to Caven Point ,

some of whom’s lives were changed forever.

What originally began as a State Department initiative during World War II

becomes an artistic capsule of lives

being changed through common acts of humanity.

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